Image by Jamie Ginsberg

An intelligent yoga studio with innovative motion and pose detection technology


How Yogi Works


AI powered smart yoga studio

Yogi helps you learn and practice yoga just like a physical studio. And it allows you to do so from wherever  you want and whenever you want. This yoga studio is always open, and always ready to help you master yoga.

Avail your membership, track your activity, control your schedule, spread the love


One studio that welcomes all

Yogi provides a wide array of asanas. Each of these asanas are carefully picked to help people of all kinds with their specific problems.

Now nothing extra needed to practice a new asana or to practice for some more time


Real time training and feedback

Our state of art the AI powered virtual trainer closely monitors 33 unique body landmarks and guides as you practice. It tracks your moves and trains in real time. Corrects you if something goes wrong, and applauds once you reach the correct position.

Yogi is designed in such a way that it does not have any external dependency. You can use it anywhere to practice, even without internet.


Rich analytics to keep you motivated and up to date on your progress

Yogi watches all your moves very closely and performs deep analyses as you practice. You can then use the results of these analyses to work upon your postures and their accuracy to achieve better results.

This not only keeps you motivated, but helps you improve a s well.