When the power of AI is combined with the ancient, 5000+ years of the physical, mental and spiritual practice of yoga, everyone is bound to be a YOGI.


Yogi is your virtual yoga studio, where you can learn and practice asanas at the comfort of your home. While there are hundreds of yoga apps between Google Play and Apple’s app store, what sets Yogi apart is the fact that you don’t need to depend on a trainer or teacher. What’s more, is the fact that Yogi understands that every human is different and each one of us takes different amounts of time to learn and master the asanas. That is why there is no specified timeframe / time-period to learn or practice the asanas. The users can learn and practice yoga in their pace, and in their space.


A Virtual Yoga Studio

Searching for a place to learn and practice Yoga? Yogi is where you get to do all of that. From wherever you want, whenever you want

Image by Emad YOGI
Yoga Class

Real Time Feedback

Frustrated with learning Yoga online and not knowing if you're doing it right? Yogi assists you with real time feedback as you practice your asanas

Share the love

Track and share your progress with friends and family. Help them and yourself stay motivated.

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